Monday, November 9, 2009

Maple Leaf Rag

I was sitting at my piano, happily plunking away at Maple Leaf Rag, trying to find the notes and doing my best to keep a steady tempo, when I selfish of me to rob the blogworld of the joy I experience while playing this thing.

So, I have recorded my to-date feeble attempts to learn this piece--the first two of three pages with no repeats, because honestly, it's just too painful to have to listen to twice. Not only do I get to share the wonder of Joplin, but this very unpleasant recording will serve as incentive to continue working and improving--not just playing.

I warn you--this is not pretty. My left arm got tired soon after the page turn, and I found myself playing faster near the end just to get it over with. I promise to record this again if I get any better at it.

Listen Here

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